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Electric Kiln Workshop at Salisbury Arts Centre 2.11. 2013


Session1  2.11.2013   10.30 – 12.30     Talk

Introduction to firing an electric kiln for ceramics
This workshop is intended to enable people to fire an electric kiln with confidence and with  an understanding of the process.

During this talk Mirka Golden-Hann will explain basics of how to use an electric kiln. Topics covered include the control, the packing and firing of biscuit (first firing), and earthenware/stoneware glazes. General kiln care and health and safety issues will be covered too. The presentation will also demonstrate various decorating effects which can be achieved in the electric kiln.

Session2   2.11.2013   13.00-16.00   Practical

Introduction to glazes for the electric kiln

Practical workshop to cover glazing basics for the electric kiln. Students will conduct practical experiments under supervision: for some this will be an introduction to glazes, for others a furtherance of existing knowledge. Practical demonstrations will include working with commercial glazes, stains, underglazes, overglazes and transfer application. There will also be a demonstration of mixing glazes to a recipe. Furthermore participants will have the chance to make tests of brand new glazes for both stoneware and earthenware temperatures.

Please bring dust masks if you already own one, a pair of surgical gloves, and if you wish to test lustres or specialist glazes please get in touch prior to the workshop.

Session 3   16.11.2013


Assessment of glaze test results from the glaze testing session.


If you have any questions regarding this course please contact me on or at the studio on 01722 34 30 34

To book this course please ring Salisbury Arts Centre Box Office on 01722 321744 or visit

Tickets: £40 or ( £5 session one only)